2021 Cadillac Escalade Navigation System  

Most newer Cadillac vehicles come equipped with a handy navigation system that gives you easy-to-follow directions to practically any address or point of interest. The navigation system was almost certainly up to date when you purchased your Cadillac vehicle, but it does need to be updated occasionally as roads and points of interest change. Fortunately, Cadillac has made it easy to update your vehicle's navigation system with discs that are released periodically. These discs can be ordered directly from Cadillac's website or your nearby Cadillac dealership.

2021 Cadillac Escalade Driving Winding Road  

To install the update:

  1. Start your engine and turn on the navigation system.
  2. Press the "Load" button when it appears, and the disc slot should open.
  3. Insert the disc with the labeled side up. The disc should load, and the "Update" button should appear on your touchscreen.
  4. Press the button, enter the authentication code on the disc, and press "Enter."
  5. Keep in mind that the update process takes about three hours and requires your engine to be running, so don't start the process until you know you have enough time and fuel to complete it.

If you think your Cadillac vehicle's navigation system needs an update, contact Husker Cadillac to purchase an update disc today. We can help walk you through the update process and answer any other questions you might have about your vehicle.

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